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5 ways to turn your pool into something useful

By Andrew Bell

Swimming pools are great when you use them, but can become an eyesore if not constantly maintained.

And why would you when you own Main Beach real estate and have one of the biggest pools in the world on your sandy doorstep, purified with salt and featuring an automatic wave machine?

According to the Australian bureau of Statistics (ABS), 17.9 per cent of Queensland households have a fully operative swimming pool. This doesn't include those that have a pool in retirement or in disrepair.

The Department of Housing and Public Works has announced a plethora of new safety requirements for owners of swimming pools, including inspections, yearly certificates and sufficient fencing.

In spite of this, if you're looking to invest in Surfers Paradise property, don't rule out the home with the primitive pool just yet. Here are 5 ways you can transform the potential money pit into something useful.


According to the ABS, the addition of a deck is one of the most popular kinds of renovation in Australia, and we're sure that real estate in Surfers Paradise is no exception.

Draining your pool and creating a deck or patio over the top of it can create a perfect entertaining area. Not only will it add more useable space to your home's exterior, but over time it's likely to add value to your Surfers Paradise property.

Just imagine yourself lying in a deck chair on top of your pool, soaking in the sun instead of bathing in the once questionably stagnant water.

Peace pond

If you want to harness you inner Zen and bask in the beauty of nature, convert your pool into a pond. Simply place some rocks and ferns around the outside so that the pool's harsh exterior is hidden, and let mother nature do her thing.

If you're an animal lover, it's the perfect way to invite more wildlife into your yard. And best of all? There's virtually no maintenance costs.

In the interests of safety, it's probably still a good idea to have the area fully fenced.

Skate park

According to the Gold Coast Council, Surfers Paradise attracts nearly 20,000 visitors every day. How much rent do you think you'll be able to yield from young tourists if you have a skate bowl at your Main Beach real estate?

If your pool already has the bowl shape, great! If not, then you will have to add a bit of concrete to give it the right shape.

Of course, it doesn't just have to be limited to your tenants. Strap on some knee-pads and a helmet and relive your youth at your Surfers Paradise property!


This is perhaps one of the more ambitious makeover projects, but the payoff of having a secondary detached dwelling on your property can be immense.

The blue-print is effectively already in place, all it takes is the construction of an A-frame roof to create a building. Simple, really. Seeking the help of a professional to have it safely wired for electricity will seal the deal.

What you use it for is up to you, whether it's a games room, an area for creative release or a place where your family can sleep when they come to visit.

Why invest in real estate in Surfers Paradise?

The appeal that Main Beach real estate holds is clear to see with the influx of visitors every day. It's a great place to live whether you're looking to raise your family or investing in rentals in Surfers Paradise.

If you would like to know more about purchasing Surfers Paradise property, with or without a swimming pool, get in touch with the experienced team at Ray White.

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