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5 summer updates for your Gold Coast apartment

By Andrew Bell

The Gold Coast screams sun, fun, and a relaxed atmosphere. When you step inside your apartment, do you get that same feeling? If not, it might be time to think about changing things up, or making some additions to your already beautiful home.

Below are five summery updates you can easily make to your Gold Coast apartment to transform it for potential buyers, or just to make it nicer to spend time in for yourself. Start budgeting for these changes now because they're sure to inspire.

Light wooden floors are airy and sophisticated

Take a look at your current floor and ask yourself 'does that really look inviting?' You might have had the same old carpet since you moved in, and it's now showing signs of wear and tear. That's okay, but it could be a real drain on the rest of your home.

Stained or worn carpets (and all other flooring types for that matter) make a space look tired and old. To bring some life back to your living spaces, consider a light wooden floor. The brighter colour will add a feeling of space to your apartment, and wood is very fashionable right now. It's easy to look after as well, so don't worry about any extra maintenance.

White walls, coloured cushions

Around a decade ago, people wanted feature walls painted in a bold colour. Now, that's just not the style. Instead, people are opting for white walls and installing feature art instead. The white walls open up a room and help to keep it fresh. Paint your ceilings the same colour and you'll have a seamless transition from the floor up.

To help add some pops of colour to your rooms, go for cushions or other small accessories. These can have fun patterns on them too – don't be afraid to move away from blocks of colour.

Match furniture highlights with your flooring

If you choose to install new wooden flooring, your next task should be to match your furniture with it. Instead of totally replacing everything, find a few bits you can swap out, like drawers or a coffee table. These smaller items are highlights in a room (that is, pieces that aren't features but can still add to the atmosphere).

Match the colour or texture of your highlights with your new flooring. Imagine a white set of shelves with wooden drawers the same colour as your floor and you've got the beginnings of a truly modern space. When it's time to sell, your buyers will love the modern potential.

Frame your feature art with more than just the frame

No matter how beautiful your art or the frame is, there's always a way to make it stand out just a little more. Hang the feature piece above a runner table and you can use the space below the art to bring out some of the colours. Bold turquoises or yellows can be highlighted by placing vases or even false flowers around the space.

Find the most suitable colour within the art that works best with the rest of your style or the immediate surroundings and go from there. It's easy to find small pieces to bring out that extra burst of colour, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Lay a feature rug

Your floors (new or old) might be gorgeous and comfortable and suit your style perfectly, but laying a feature rug can add a bit more panache to a living room or bedroom. It doesn't have to be a bright colour or a crazy texture, but it should be modern.

Find something you love and place it under a lounge chair. It's not going to be the centrepiece of the room but it will break up the floor a little and make your other features stand out.

For more ideas about how to style your Gold Coast apartment for the summer or to get it ready for sale, get in touch with Ray White Surfers Paradise today.

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