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5 reasons Mad Max would love Surfers Paradise property

By Andrew Bell

As the Academy Awards roll around, there are a few Australians in the limelight. While absolute legend Cate Blanchett isn't nominated for her star turn in Carol this time around, there is another Australian ready to sweep the red carpet by storm – George Miller.

The Australian director of Mad Max: Fury Road has seen his film capture the imagination of film-goers all across the world, and it's been nominated for several big awards, including Best Picture. So with the awards just around the corner, we thought we'd take a fun look at the movie. In particular, why it's titular character would enjoy everything that Surfers Paradise property has to offer.

He's used to the high rise

Without giving too much away, one of the central locations in the movie is "The Citadel", a gigantic rock tower that looms above a desert. It's effectively the post-apocalyptic world's version of a skyscraper. Given the amount of time that Max spends in there, we think if he looked for real estate elsewhere, he'd still want to live pretty high above the ground.

According to 2011 Census data, 74.7 per cent of properties in Surfers Paradise are units or apartments. That shouldn't come as any surprise when you look at the skyline, and see those beautiful, towering apartment blocks that glint in the sun. Max could take his pick of any of those residential citadels and call Surfers Paradise home.

There's plenty of water

In the world of Mad Max, water rules all. It's an incredibly scarce resource, and whoever controls it controls the people. This isn't the case in Surfers Paradise. We're right on the coastline! Whether it's inland lagoons or water parks, surfing on the beach or simply drinking water out of a tap, there are plenty of fresh experiences involving water for Max to take in.

He won't have to look hard for work

In the film, Max has the rather unsavoury job of being a blood donor for one of the 'War Boys', the maniacal henchmen of Fury Road. But if he moved to the Gold Coast, Max would find employment opportunities everywhere.

For example, a 25 January media release from gold Coast mayor Tom Tate highlighted the plethora of jobs that were popping up all over the coast. "We have the lowest unemployment in Queensland,'' he boasted.

"I have always said that when the Gold Coast's economy fires, Queensland hums and that's what we are seeing right now."

With unemployment at 5.3 per cent and as many as 15,000 jobs created in the last year or so, Max can settle into Surfers Paradise property and the Gold Coast lifestyle with ease.

Surfers Paradise property is much nicer

Sleeping in caves, sleeping on sand, sleeping in the back of a truck. There isn't much in the way of suitable bedding in Mad Max: Fury Road. But when it comes to Surfers Paradise property, there's a huge range of options. From penthouse apartments to waterside semi-detached homes to secluded villas, there's a whole variety of lifestyles on display.

That's why Surfers Paradise proves so popular for young and old alike – there's plenty on offer for everyone.

Going off road

All in all, we think Surfers Paradise property makes for an ideal retreat – especially if you're a character in a hit film where you're stuck in the desert. And when Residex records your median unit value at $351,000, you're also in a great spot for affordability.

We're not sure how to get in touch with Max, but we'd love to show him some of the great Surfers Paradise and Main Beach real estate for sale. If you want to check it out too, don't hesitate to give us a call!

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