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5 benefits of a bathroom remodel

By Andrew Bell

There are many changes a homeowner can make to their property to make it a bit more livable, comfortable or even valuable. One of the most popular, for a number of reasons, is bathroom renovation. Whether it’s the master bath that needs a bigger vanity and more comfortable tub, or the guest bath that gets heated flooring, the changes you can make in this room range from small tweaks to a gut renovation.

Whatever you choose on that front, you would be wise to consider the benefits you can enjoy from the effort, including the following:

1) It can increase your property’s value

One reason many people do a bathroom renovation is because they believe it will boost the value of the home as they prepare to sell it, according to MoneyWisdom. This is often the case, and while you might be able to increase buyer interest with a newly renovated master bath, you might want to think about the return on investment rather than the boost to the home’s value. For instance, if you spend $10,000 on a remodel, you might only earn $8,000 back in the sale. Will that be worth it for you?

2) Go green

A big reason many people in older homes renovate their bathrooms is to conserve water. Low-flow toilets, water-saving shower heads and new sink hardware can all come together to deliver a better, more visually compelling experience — and help save water at the same time.

3) Cut out clutter

As with many other rooms in the home, you may often find that your bathroom is simply too cluttered. Improvenet stated that with the right remodelling plan, you can add more storage: Cabinets, drawers, shelves and other fixtures will help you clean up the whole area and ensure it never gets unsightly.

4) Reduce safety risks

A bathroom remodel with safety in mind is always a good idea, especially for older homeowners. Remcon Design Build noted that more accidents than you might expect can occur in the bathroom. Changes to combat this risk could include turning a half-bath on the first floor into a full bath to avoid the need to get up and down stairs, installing railings in strategic spots throughout the room or even adding new tubs or showers. All of these can help make it easier to live in that space for years to come.

5) Give yourself a new place to relax

Finally, when it comes to a remodel, many of the changes can just be made with comfort in mind. For instance, a new tub that allows you a nice, relaxing time away from other distractions is a popular option. Something as simple as putting the otherwise bright bathroom lights on a dimmer, giving yourself a little more shelf space around the tub and putting in some plush bath mats and towels can go a long way toward ensuring you get the most out of this space — and make it more than utilitarian.

If you are remodelling one or more bathrooms in your home before you sell it, you would be wise to get in touch with the real estate experts at Ray White Surfers Paradise. We’ve completed countless sales that left both buyers and sellers satisfied, and we would love to do the same for you. With a little bit of our guidance, you can navigate every aspect of the sales process with ease, so get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help.

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