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4 ways to create competition amongst buyers when selling your home

By Andrew Bell

When selling your home, you obviously want it to go for the highest possible price. How do you do that? By getting multiple shoppers interested in it and creating competition. Put another way, you don’t have to go to auction to creating a bidding war for your home, but you will have to do some things before you host a single showing.

The following tips should help you create the kind of interest you’re looking for:

1) Clean every nook and cranny

First things first, you definitely want your home to be as clean and de-cluttered as possible, according to HomeLight. After all, if you were buying a home, you would be wise to look into every possible space to see that it’s in good shape. As such, proper preparation means scrubbing every floor, dusting every surface, clearing out every closet and so on, as this will help your home look its very best for when a prospective buyer comes by.

2) De-personalise

People want to be able to picture themselves spending years or even decades living in a house. But if you leave a lot of pictures of your family around, keep a lot of eclectic decorations, or have walls that are painted bold colours, that’s a lot harder for them to do. As such, you should pack up as much of the stuff that makes the home “yours” as possible before a showing, so the house can sell itself better.

3) Price it right

The initial price of a home that’s listed online or in print is either going to attract or deter a lot of would-be buyers. Bankrate noted that you should ask for a professional’s advice for what a home is worth, based on any number of factors, so that you’re guaranteed to garner as much interest as possible.

4) Schedule showings back-to-back

When you make appointments for showing your home to various potential buyers, a great idea is to schedule one showing immediately following the previous one. That way, both shoppers is given the impression that there’s likely to be competition for the home, and may be more motivated to bid enthusiastically.

When you’re selling your home, a bit of expert advice can be invaluable. At Ray White Surfers Paradise, we’ve closed countless sales for both sellers and buyers, and can tap our years of experience to ensure you get the full value of your home. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.

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