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3 ways to spice up your Surfers Paradise rental

By Andrew Bell

As we've mentioned in previous articles, there are plenty of perks to owning real estate in Surfers Paradise. Even if you don't rent it out to tenants, there is capital gain to be made in the long term. Managing Director of SQM Research Louis Christopher has predicted a 7 to 11 per cent rise in housing prices in 2016.

With the Gold Coast council on the warpath to develop the city into a modern hub of education, business and innovation, this forecast could very well come to pass. The population will balloon if investors and workers could pour in from overseas as these changes occur. In this situation, the value of property will no doubt increase.

However, buying simply isn't possible for some. Whether it's a financial matter or to do with the nature of their stay in the Gold Coast, many people find that it is more beneficial for them to rent.

According to the 2011 Census, 54 per cent of residents living in Surfers Paradise property are, in fact, renters. If this is you, another disadvantage is that you won't be able to make renovations or drastic alterations to the home.

But don't fret! There are numerous ways you can still inject a good dose of personality into your rental home.

1) Vinyl wall stickers

Living in a rental home means that in most cases, you won't be allowed to paint the walls. Vinyl wall stickers are an ingenious alternative that often won't leave a trace when you remove them. Furthermore, they're designed to be so thin that they appear to be painted on.

Want to get a touch of nature in your bedroom? Get some quirky vinyl stickers of trees, leaves and flocks of birds on your wall. Or maybe you want to feel inspired and start each day on a high note. Have some stickers of uplifting quotes on the section of wall beside the door.

There are a huge number of vinyl sticker designs to choose from, so browse away! These will turn those blank white walls into canvases filled with colour and vibrant images.

2) Photos

Photos of friends and family have a tendency to bring out the nostalgia in us. They also happen to be great for room decorating. Instead of having them in conventional frames, why not try and hang them off clotheslines using mini-pegs. You can find these quite easily in many stationary or novelty stores today.

There are numerous other ways to present photos using string, such as turning them into hanging photo tags or even forming tidy grids of images across the wall. Get creative, go wild and see what you can create.

3) Rugs

Rugs are great, multi-purpose items. Using them in key social areas can add a nice dash of personality to a room and a point of visual interest. Furthermore, they help to break up the monotony of floors, especially if the rugs have bold colours that contrast the neutral hue they're placed on. Use them under coffee tables as a way to draw attention to these conversation areas.

Needless to say, getting rid of rugs when it's time to move is as simple as rolling them up and packing them away, ready for your next home.

Renting in Surfers Paradise

As you can see, living in rental Surfers Paradise property doesn't mean you can't add personality to your home. If you get creative with a few easy-to-acquire materials, there are many fun ways to add a bit of spice. To see what rental properties are available, don't hesitate to get connected with Ray White Surfers Paradise. We'll help you find something that you can make your own.

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