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3 ways to cool your Surfers Paradise property without air-con

By Andrew Bell

Sometimes it feels like air conditioning is truly man's best friend (sorry, dogs). Flick on a button and immediately forget about the scorching summer heat? Why, yes please! Unfortunately, using air conditioning can also put the stress on your power bills.

A Sustainability Victoria report recently concluded that using air conditioning for the whole house could cost up to $383.00 over a year. That's more than ten times what it costs to run some alternatives. Whether you're looking to buy Main Beach real estate to let out to tenants or are seeking out the Surfers Paradise lifestyle for you and your family, it could be worth looking into the alternatives.

Solar cooling

Want to boost your green credentials while cutting down on power and keeping cool? Solar solutions could be the way forward for your Surfers Paradise property. It's effectively air conditioning, but instead of adding to your electricity bill, the power is generated through solar means.

Research from the Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems at the Australian National University in 2010 delved into the subject a little further. It noted that the east coast of Australia had ample solar resources to make this work efficiently, but the high costs of setting up such a system can hamper the expansion of this method.

Still, it's one thing to consider. While establishment costs might be high, eventually, the ongoing economic benefits could balance it out. It's technology to keep an eye on, especially as it's been used by bodies like the Logan Council and numerous malls, cafes and hospitals.

Your number one fan

Another way to more economically cool down Surfers Paradise property is to use fans instead of air conditioning. According to Sustainability Victoria, four ceiling (or portable) fans could cost as little as $24 per year to maintain and run. Compared to that aforementioned $383.00 for air-con; the savings are immense.

In fact, in Brisbane Council's "Guide to Buying and Operating an Air Conditioner", it recommends looking at more cost-effective options, like ceiling fans. Some considerations here should be whether it will actually fit in your home, and if a floor-based fan will end up taking too much space. On the whole, it's a great idea to consider, though.

Building from the ground up

This suggestion is a good idea if you're ready to renovate or, perhaps, are going to build Surfers Paradise real estate on a plot of land. We're talking passive design here, which is building your home in such a way that cool air flows through naturally, sometimes eliminating the need for air conditioning entirely. 

You could achieve passive cooling through design techniques like the colouring of your walls and roof, insulation and shading, expansions of windows and doors and even the very orientation of your property. Additionally, you should try and reduce thermal mass (which traps heat in the home), and construct the property for maximum airflow. It also works well in conjunction with fans, as you can't rely on a cooling breeze to keep the heat down at all times of the day.   

Here in Surfers Paradise, dealing with the heat is just part of day-to-day life. But that doesn't mean it has to part of your day-to-day living. With the right design elements, some canny cooling choices and an eye for reducing your power bills, an incredibly appealing setup can be achieved.

Want to find out more about real estate in and around the Gold Coast? Come and talk to us at Ray White Surfers Paradise. We're excellent at finding our customers exactly what they want in real estate. 

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