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3 tips for savvy apartment hunting on the Gold Coast

By Andrew Bell

It's no secret – the Gold Coast is an incredible place to live. 

So incredible, in fact, that affordable rental properties are often leased within days of being listed. 

While this is great news for investors, apartment hunting in a place as popular as the Gold Coast can be a bit frustrating.

To this end we've prepared a list of three tips to help Gold Coast renters score their dream apartment. 

1. Think about all the details before beginning your apartment search 

You can't expect to have a successful apartment search unless you're fully committed to the endeavour. 

Often, we meet renters who are unsure what they're looking for, don't know where they want to go or worse, aren't fully convinced they want to find a new place. 

When these people come into our office or attend a house viewing, we encourage them to go home and think critically about every aspect of their move, including:

  • Budget – How much can you afford to pay in rent, utilities and other expenses?
  • Location – Which suburbs have the lifestyle and proximity you're after?
  • Must-haves – What are some things you absolutely need in your dream home (ie. parking)? 
  • Deal-breakers – Would certain aspects rule a home out for you (ie. no public transport routes)? 

Once you have a better idea of what you're after, you'll be more prepared to take on your hunt. Further, you won't waste your time viewing homes you wouldn't realistically move into.

Sometimes, taking the time to think about your move might convince you to stay put. 

If this is the case or you're still not sure, reach out to one of the experienced agents at Ray White Surfers Paradise. We can help you talk through the options and and answer any questions you may have. 

2. Make a personal connection with the agent or property manager

Open house viewings tend to be crowded places and making that connection with the agent or property management can prove difficult. A level of personal contact, however, can be essential in helping your rental application stand out among the hundreds submitted. 

You don't need to become best friends with the agent – simply introducing yourself and asking a few questions can go a long way. It's also a good idea to send an email afterwards thanking the agent for their time. 

When you apply, include a brief description of yourself and it never hurts to phone the agent after a few days if you haven't heard back. 

Any extra effort could help push your application to the top, but be careful to toe the line between interested and pushy as you don't want to come off as rude or demanding. 

3. Be prepared to act fast when you find your dream rental 

When you do find your ideal rental property, apply right away. Otherwise, you'll likely miss out. 

Firing off a rental application isn't as easy as you might think. Typically you'll be asked to provide documents including proof of employment, bank statements, identification and so on. Make sure you get all of this organised ahead of time to avoid anything holding you up. 

It's also a good idea to phone your references and make sure they're willing to speak on your behalf.

Finally, make sure you have your finances in order. There are a number of upfront costs associated with beginning a new tenancy and if you can't pay right away, the apartment apartment will be leased to someone else. 

Ready to begin your Gold Coast apartment search? Contact the team at Ray White Surfers Paradise today and make sure to sign up for our rental property alerts so you don't miss out on hot new properties.

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