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3 times the Gold Coast got on top of the world

By Andrew Bell

Here on the Gold Coast, we're accustomed to a pretty luxurious way of life. The luscious beaches and fine dining lend themselves to a classy, laid-back vibe that also morphs into some of the best nightlife around. It's why so many people seek out real estate in Surfers Paradise – you can get the best of almost any lifestyle when you live here.

But we're not just content to tell ourselves we're the best and believe it – the Gold Coast is home to many world-beating feats that are enshrined in history – and in our skyline. Here are a few times that Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast have been on top of the world.

When we had the world's tallest residential tower

Standing tall at a height of 322 metres, the Q1 Tower on the Gold Coast wasn't just the highest point on our local skyline when it was completed in 2005 – it was the tallest residential tower in the world. Despite since losing this title, it remains the tallest construction in Australia, followed by Melbourne's Eureka Tower. 

A 2014 Gold Coast Bulletin report details some of the mammoth design that went into this stunning piece of architecture. For example, did you know the 75th floor is entirely devoted to water pumps? This manages approximately 238,000 litres of water that goes to residents all throughout the tower.

With secret rooms, the world's highest pool and the world's highest balconies 74 floors up, it still holds many titles that will prove difficult to beat. The Q1 tower is a shining example of times that Surfers Paradise property has taken on the world – and won! 

An Iron Man on top of the world

Sometimes, a solo feat can be just as impressive as the tallest building. This was proven by Gold Coast man Caine Eckstein, who in 2014 set a new world record for the most pull-ups done in 24 hours. After extensive training done on the Gold Coast (where else?), he attempted the task in New York for The Today Show – and smashed it.

By completing 4,210 pull-ups, he also broke the 12 hour record by some margin. The Gold Coast Bulletin reported that the Iron Man champion hoped to raise awareness of Corpus Callosum disorders, which a friend of his suffered from.

Big or small – the Gold Coast has a knack for producing feats that top the world!

A pool party for the ages

If you owned Main Beach real estate last year, you might have been around for this one. The City of Gold Coast Council announced in a 27 August media release last year that the opening of the $41million Gold Coast Aquatic Centre would be a world record attempt for the biggest pool party.

"The current record is 2,049 and is held by Georgia, USA. However, swimming is intrinsic to the Gold Coast lifestyle, so it's a world record we should have," said Gold Coast mayor Tom Tate. 

And we think he's right. Innovative attempts like this are a great reminder of the fun lifestyle you get with Surfers Paradise property, and how we can turn something as simple as a social event into a potentially world-beating activity.

Whether you want one of the world's tallest apartments or to splash about in the sun, real estate in Surfers Paradise offers you opportunities that make headlines for all the right reasons. If you love the nightlife, you've got to boogie, or just want a secluded piece of property to relax in, we'll find it.

Contact Ray White Surfers Paradise for information on what's available for your dream getaway. 

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