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3 things to look out for when finding a Surfers Paradise apartment

By Andrew Bell

Are you cruising through beautiful Gold Coast on the hunt for real estate? There's a lot here to love, like the summer weather that seems to last almost all-year round, friendly locals and of course, the stunning beaches.

Surfers Paradise is a popular area to find property, with its front seat panoramic views of the city at your back and the beach before you. If you're thinking about finding real estate in Surfers Paradise, there's a good chance you'll be looking through apartments.

According to the 2011 Census, 74.7 per cent of all housing in Surfers Paradise was flats, units or apartments. Separate houses on the other hand, only made up 14.8 per cent of the total.

Considering that apartments only make up 13.6 per cent of all real estate across the country, Surfers Paradise definitely sticks out as a region that's heavily populated by this type of housing.

With that in mind, here are several things to think about when choosing a Surfers Paradise apartment to live in.

1. Amenities

When considering real estate in Surfers Paradise to buy or rent, take a look at amenities that are within easy reach. For example, many people don't bother putting in certain space-hogging appliances like dryers and washing machines in smaller-sized apartments; you'll want to make sure there are such facilities available in the building or somewhere within a stone's throw. Other important amenities you'll want nearby include supermarkets, healthcare centres, pharmacies and more.

Keep an eye out for in-building 'luxury' facilities like pools, gyms and entertainment rooms that could also sweeten your living experience just that little bit more.

2. Orientation

The direction your apartment is facing can make all the difference, especially in sunny Surfers Paradise. Choose a property that's north-facing, and points away from the road. This will help it receive a good flow of air, as well as minimise the amount of street noise that spills into your home. The latter could be more important than you think, as the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science mentions that sounds from traffic and the road remain to be greatest source of neighbourhood noise disturbance.

The Your Home resource from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science notes that orientation is particularly important for units and apartments, as external changes like shades are often disallowed by body corporate regulations. This means your Surfers Paradise property could get hot very quickly if it's exposed to the sun throughout most hours of the day. A north-facing apartment will let it retain more warmth and light during winter and less of it during summer thanks to the sun's changing positions.

As the department also points out, the orientation of your home plays a big role in how much natural lighting your Surfers Paradise property receives. The more passive daylight that streams into your home, the better – but only if there isn't excessive glare and solar radiation. Again, this comes down to which way the room is pointing.

3. Parking

This one depends on two things: the location of the apartment and how much you use your car. If just about everything you need is within short distance and you find yourself content with using the public transportation around Surfers Paradise, the availability of parking may not be too important to you.

On the other hand, having a car that you use regularly will mean that it'll be ideal to have an allocated lot inside a garage or on the street at the very least. Nila Sweeney from Your Mortgage also mentions that it could be worth taking note whether there are parking spots available for visiting guests.

Buying a Surfers Paradise apartment

Now, you should have a better idea of what to look out for when choosing a Surfers Paradise apartment. Give Ray White Surfers Paradise a ring and we'll examine each property with you, go through their different strengths and make sure you get settled in something that meets your lifestyle needs.

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