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3 things to look out for in a Surfers Paradise real estate agent

By Andrew Bell

Maybe you're thinking about downsizing to a smaller apartment. Or perhaps you've scored a sweet deal on a piece of Main Beach real estate. Either way, if you're looking to sell your Surfers Paradise property, the first thing you'll need is a real estate agent to kick things into motion.

But there can be a large difference in the quality of these professionals' services. However, recognising the qualities that make a good agent can be tricky, especially if you're still green when it comes to selling property. The CoreLogic Consumer Perceptions of Real Estate Agents survey gathered responses from almost 300 people to better understand which areas separated the great from the mediocre in the industry.

1) Following up

According to the CoreLogic survey, 15 per cent of respondents said their agent's ability to follow up was poor. If you want your Surfers Paradise property to sell smoothly, it helps to have an agent that shows plenty of initiative. This is evident in the way they actively contact you during every part of the sales process, letting you know your options, rather than wait for you to get in touch.

The act of constant communication is especially important when it comes to reporting negative news such as a sales agreement falling through. This will allow you to immediately start thinking about the next course of action.

2) Negotiation skills

At the end of the day, getting as many figures as you can on the sales report [simplify]  of your Surfers Paradise property will be on the forefront of your mind. Finding a real estate agent with excellent negotiating skills will help push the bar in getting you a higher sale price, more favourable terms or both.

A good majority of respondents thought their agent's negotiating ability was good, very good or excellent. The survey also noted that the least experienced agents were most likely to sell a home for above the expected price. Vendors mentioned that many of these agents, eager to prove their worth, made up for their lack of experience with enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism.

3) Customer service

Like any professional from a service-based industry, great real estate agents should always show a high standard of customer service. Needless to say, you'll want someone that is committed, helpful and has a positive attitude when working to sell your real estate in Surfers Paradise. The CoreLogic survey categorised 'response time' alongside this quality, meaning that being prompt and concise in communications is also an important trait.

Another area where agents can show excellent customer service is their involvement after the sale. Great agents will stick around to help you out on any following paperwork rather than disappear in the wind after the contract has been signed and their commission has been assured.

Fortunately, 65 per cent of survey respondents judged their agent's customer service skills as 'very good' or 'excellent'.

Finding the right agent in Surfers Paradise

The interesting thing noted by a November 5 article from CoreLogic is that satisfaction from agents' services seemed to be irrespective of when the property was sold. This means that whether the market is in downturn or riding a demand spike, you should still be able to sort through the good from the bad.

At Ray White Surfers Paradise, we're confident in our ability to deliver on all fronts, whatever the weather. Just give us a ring to see what we can do for your real estate in Surfers Paradise.

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