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3 Temporary transformation tips for the home

By Andrew Bell

There’s nothing better than a change of scenery, and this includes switching up your Gold Coast rental property every once and a while. For those who are indecisive, however, permanent renovations may be off the cards. No need to settle – there are plenty of ways you can switch up your home without the commitment. Here are three of our temporary renovation tips to transform your home.

1. Decorate with decals

A feature wall is an exciting addition to a room, and can greatly alter the mood of a space depending on the colour or design. However, if you can’t commit to a tone, or are residing in a rental property, painting or wallpapering the home is probably not a feasible option. Decals are an excellent substitute, and can be used to create a feature wall or double as artwork in the home. Wall decals are as simple as stick-and-go, are easily removed, and are a creative way to pull aspects of your personality into the home.

Depending on your budget, there are a range of decal options available. From made-to-order colours and prints the size of your wall, to smaller stickers of intricate artwork, a decal is sure to be an exciting conversation point in your room. For a customised approach, consider getting your favourite quote, or a family tree as a decorative piece – a little personalisation goes a long way, and is sure to make your house feel more homely.

2. Let there be lanterns

Bold lighting fixtures are a fantastic way to bring extra personality into a room with the added benefit of functionality. However, many overhead statement lights are expensive and often incur an installation fee. Lanterns, however, are a cost-effective way of trying out different coloured light sources in a space without the commitment. To set up, simply hang a paper lantern in your desired colour from the ceiling using a damage-free hook and insert a remote-controlled battery-powered bulb light.

There is plenty of room to be creative with colourful lanterns – experiment with different lantern sizes and tones, or hang a few from different heights for an attention-grabbing light display. Depending on your bulb of choice, lanterns double as great night lights, perfect for the kids’ bedrooms to help them fall asleep in low light.

3. Customise your kitchen

An inexpensive way to transform your kitchen is to cover your bench tops or splash back with vinyl adhesive in your desired style. From marbled swirls to faux wood, there are a range of patterns available for you to choose the perfect style for your kitchen. Application is easy – simply measure your intended surface, trim the vinyl adhesive to match, and carefully stick it onto the surface. Any air bubbles beneath the surface are easily removed by rubbing over the spot with a ruler or credit card.

These covers can easily be peeled off and changed as you please, and are a great way to tie together the colour scheme of a room. The options are endless when it comes to vinyl, including for your appliances. Accenting your dishwasher with a bright vinyl adhesive can bring an extra pop of colour into a space, and can create a cohesive statement if matched to a kitchen splash back.

Looking for a bigger change? Get in touch with the team at Ray White Surfers Paradise for a friendly consultation, and the opportunity to find a new Gold Coast property to call home.

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