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3 tasks to take on this autumn

By Andrew Bell

We are nearly at the end of April, which means winter draws ever nearer. And while the temperatures of the central months are hardly anything to instil fear in the hearts of those who own real estate in Surfers Paradise, there are still things you can do to warm up the house.

From quick bit of cleaning to important safety practices, you could consider the autumn checklist the careful older brother to the exuberant catharsis of the spring clean. So what can you do? 

Sound the alarm

The Queensland government recommends that we check our smoke alarms once per month – when was the last time you tried yours? If it's been a while, then it might be time to pull out your broom and push the button. If it's covered in dust, make sure to wipe this away, as it can cause your smoke alarm to malfunction. 

And if it won't function at all, then it's time to head down to the store and buy a new one, or at least a new battery. These should be replaced once a year, or as needed. Check the expiry date on your warranty for an idea of when you will next need to go shopping for one as well.

Remember, these are crucial for saving your house in the event of a fire! Keep your home safe and check up on your alarms this autumn. 

Clear the windows

If your window panes have collected a bit of dust and grime over summer, then wiping them down can be a great idea. Cooler temperatures and less sunlight could create fertile grounds for bacteria to spread, so start at the windows. Mixing water with methylated spirits is a good solution for quickly getting rid of unsightly marks – but make sure to keep those chemicals out of reach of the kids. 

Alternatively, there will be great glass cleaners at your local department store or maybe even the closest milk bar! If you are feeling energetic, you could then move on to the walls of the home. They may not seem dirty, but by the time you're done it will be like you gave them a fresh coast of paint!

Caulk and clean

While you're paying attention to the windows in your home or apartment, check the caulk around the edges. Is it looking cracked or worn? Then you might need to re-seal. This keeps the heat in, which is particularly useful if the temperatures really drop down low. Additionally, there are benefits for your financial bottom line. 

According to the federal government YourHome website, correct sealing of your home can reduce energy bills by up to 25 per cent. And given the ever-increasing cost of living, this can make a large difference for your regular budgeting. 

Seal your windows, check the insulation in your ceiling, and check the floorboards if you have time – heat can leak out from all of these areas. If you need to fix some of these, consider talking to a professional first – some repairs may need a permit, or could simply be hazardous if you don't have the requisite expertise! 

With these tasks behind you, your Surfers Paradise property will be looking spick and span – perfect for your cosy living arrangements, and even more ideal if you're seeking out tenants for a rental property. Clean, warm homes are like catnip to renters – they won't be able to resist saying yes and signing the lease.

If you're not one of the blessed individuals who already owns real estate in Main Beach or Surfers Paradise, that can easily be remedied. Just head on down to see the friendly team at your local Ray White agency.

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