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3 simple ways to refresh your dining area

By Andrew Bell

The dining room is one of the most social and rewarding rooms in the house – make it a space that excites you. From accenting with colour to bringing out your kooky side, here are three tips for refreshing your dining room.

1. Transform your table

Particularly if you’ve lived in the same Gold Coast property for a long period of time, there’s only so much rearranging of furniture you can do before you get bored of seeing the same old thing. Even though the table is the focal point of attention in the dining room, it’s a neglected piece in that it’s often used as a vehicle for decoration, rather than an exciting feature itself. Rather than centering your decorating around and on the dining table, why not give your surface a new look?

There are plenty of different ways to redesign a table. For those who dare to be bold, consider painting the table in a bright hue, matched with decor in a similar palette for a monochromatic look. You don’t have to stick to an all over look – painters tape is great in masking off different areas to create a pattern, such as stripes or an art deco style grid.

If you’d rather take a natural approach to the look of your table, a simple re-sanding and staining gives it a complete transformation. From pale yellow tones to a deep burgundy finish, there are a huge range of stains you could use. We’d recommend heading to your local hardware store and grabbing some test pots first, just to make sure you’re choosing the right colour for your space. Granted, the idea of refinishing a table seems daunting for anyone who hasn’t tackled the task before. However, the internet has plenty of handy tutorials to help you work through the process without a hitch.

2. Redesign the chairs

If you’re not dedicated to completely switching up your dining set, changing your chairs is enough to create a fresh point of difference in your dining room. Wooden chairs are easily rejuvenated with new paint, or for those handy in the world of sewing, reupholstering with new fabric makes a seat seem brand new. Of course, there’s no need to commit to a complete change. There are plenty of trendy slip covers available to slide over your seats, or some bright seat cushions are enough to bring a pop of colour to your dining area.

Why not ditch the chairs altogether? Many people are getting rid of traditional chairs in favour of bench seating for a cosy, camp style approach to eating together. Sharing a meal with family and friends is a spiritual experience for some, and for others brings feelings of nourishment and nurturing. Bringing shared seating into the fold is a great way to promote togetherness in your dining room.

3. Create a centrepiece

A brief flick through any home or interior design magazine will come up with the same recurring theme in the dining room – every table has a featured object. This design shouldn’t be limited to editorial pages – a centrepiece works in every home, and can be relatively inexpensive, depending on your tastes. A bouquet of seasonal blooms instantly brings vibrancy to a space, or a clear vase stacked with different types of fruit is delicious to both the eye and the stomach. If you’re on a budget, there are plenty of artistic ways to re-purpose everyday household items. Painted jars and tins are perfect for housing tea lights. For those in beachfront strata apartments, the ocean is easily brought indoors – simply stack sand and seashells in a glass dish terrarium-style for a nautical theme.

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