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3 events that highlight the Surfers Paradise lifestyle

By Andrew Bell

Buying real estate in Surfers Paradise isn't just an investment in a property, it's a commitment to a lifestyle. Rolling golden beaches, a thriving tourism hub, and a constantly evolving city centre are fundamentals of a coastal region that is prepared for the future. The Commonwealth Games in 2018 are going to see a lot of growth come to the wider Gold Coast region, of course, but we also think the smaller events in Surfers Paradise are worth highlighting.

After all, the Commonwealth Games will be a huge one-off event: But it's the little things that make the Surfers Paradise lifestyle truly special. 

The beachfront markets turn 20 

Whether you've headed out for an evening stroll along the incredible beachfront, heard rumours of hidden treasures available from a certain vendor, or are simply curious about what you can find, the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets are a staple of the region. Happening every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, they offer a totally immersive experience and the opportunity to get some unique shopping done from the selection of local crafts. 

And this May, the iconic markets turn 20 – they're all grown up! On Friday 15th, a superlative fireworks display will cap off a family-friendly evening of face painting, prizes and partying. Visitors can win a free weekend of accommodation, which would probably cement their desire to permanently pick up Surfers Paradise property.

It's a classic event, and a reminder of the joy that can be found in something as simple as a local market here in Surfers Paradise. 

Carnival of the animals

Presented by Circa and QPAC's Out of the Box Festival, Carnival of the Animals promises to be a delight for anyone who chances upon it during their stay in Surfers Paradise. The acrobatic musical performance brings zebras, kangaroos, elephants and even dinosaurs to life on the stage.

It's a delight that shines a new light on the animal kingdom, as well as highlighting the diverse cultural calendar that can be found in Surfers Paradise. Even though you're right on the beachfront, the theatre still comes right to you! It's also a highlight for those living in nearby Main Beach real estate

It begins on April 30 at the Arts Centre Gold Coast, but keep an eye on this cultural hub for more incredible events that come our way throughout the year. 

Innovation for the youth

Of course, not everything in the region is fun and games – there are also competitions to find the brightest youth inventors among us. According to a 20 April media release from the City of Gold Coast mayor Tom Tate, the Telstra Technology Award is entering its second year in 2015.

This spreads right across the Gold Coast and is for high school students who want to flex their creative muscles. Last year's competition saw the invention of a robotic lifeguard and a mobile phone that could manage a housing system, so clearly there's some smart ones among us. 

It's not just about inventing and winning, though – Mr Tate notes that competitions like this actually work in the benefit of the entire region. 

"It's so important we diversify our industry sectors to secure our economic future and this competition is one way we can nurture the knowledge capacity among our youth, translating it into something tangible," he said in the media release. 

The first phase of entries doesn't close until June, so those interested have plenty of time. Between this competition, the street markets and the cultural calendar bursting with activity, the Surfers Paradise and Gold Coast lifestyle is the envy of the rest of the country.

Anyone who wants to get involved and set down roots in a Surfers Paradise property need only call their local Ray White agent to find out more! 

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