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3 design tips for a spacious apartment

By Andrew Bell

There are many reasons to love the apartment life, but you might be concerned about the sense of space. Being part of a broader complex, it's common that attached dwellings feel that tiny bit smaller than standalone houses.

Fortunately, there are a number of incredibly simple ways you can add a little extra breathing room to your Surfers Paradise apartment.

1. Play with mirrors

It's a well-known concept that mirrors can create a feeling of spaciousness – particularly large, wide ones. However, it's not enough to slap a mirror anywhere in the home. Pay careful consideration to what your mirror will be reflecting. If it looks outside, your mirrors can act as extra windows or lights, effortlessly brightening a space. You can also position a mirror to reflect interesting textures in your home, turning them into a kind of artwork.

2. Show some leg

When you're working with a limited floor-space, it's in your best interest to let as much of that floor as possible be visible. Pieces that sit low to the ground will make your room appear bottom-heavy, cluttered and dark. So, look for furniture with thinner, high legs to create an illusion of broader floor space and greater air flow.

You could also look into stylish translucent glass or Perspex furniture for a similar effect.

3. Let your furniture multi-task

On a more practical note, you can literally create space by finding furniture that multi-tasks as storage. For example, a hollow ottoman lets you rest your feet while also storing extra bits and pieces, reducing the clutter of both extra storage furniture and knick knacks. Plus, it triple as an extra seat when you need it!

4. Use the right tiles

The right use of hard and soft lines can really change the way you perceive a room. In a smaller space such as the bathroom, install wide, shiny tiles on the floor and wall. Floor tiles can anchor the space, while wide rectangular wall tiles will stretch the wall further, building a spacious illusion. Choosing slightly reflective tiles lets you reap the space-increasing benefits of mirrors without accosting guests with their own reflections whenever they need the loo.

If you're looking for your slice of heaven right here on the Gold Coast, cast your net no further than the listings of Ray White Surfers Paradise. With an eye for potential, we're ready to help you find the right home for your design dreams – get in touch today.

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