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3 celebrities you could find in Surfers Paradise property

By Andrew Bell

In a recent statement from the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ), CEO Antonia Mercorella noted that demand is increasing for real estate right across the state. She noted that the HIA thinks supply is falling about 10,000 homes short each year, and as a result demand (and prices) are rising. 

She called for the removal of stamp duty, which could help first home buyers and investors alike secure a property. If you're looking at Main Beach real estate or something similar in the near future, there could be considerable capital gains due to this high demand.

But do you know how to fill your property once the purchase is complete to generate positive cashflow as well? This requires an understanding of the market and who would want to live the lifestyle on offer here. With this in mind, let's take a look at some celebrities who could represent target markets for your Surfers Paradise property.

Zac Efron

Young, popular and wealthy – Zac Efron is a prime candidate for the Surfers Paradise lifestyle. According to 2011 census data, 13.9 per cent of residents are between 25 and 29 – significantly higher than the state average of 6.9 per cent. As a member of the 27 club, we think Mr Efron would suit the vibrant, youth-oriented nightlife here excellently. 

And if he is anything like his character from upcoming film We Are Your Friends, then it's a surprise that he hasn't been here already. As an up and coming DJ, he travels seaside locales playing parties for wealthy people and making it bigger and bigger. That sounds like many people you see around Surfers Paradise property to us! 

Tom Hardy

As one of the main characters of Mad Max: Fury Road, Tom Hardy has stepped into Australian folklore. As he told The Telegraph in a May interview, he had to meet with Mel Gibson ahead of accepting the titular role, and received his blessing. While Mr Gibson has fallen by the wayside of late, becoming a part of the Mad Max mythos makes him an excellent candidate to live in Australia. And then there is this line, from an interview with Shortlist:

"Whatever I tell you, it doesn't matter – it's yours and it's to be shared. But then I also have to be very careful not to give away what is most important to me – my privacy."

Privacy is exactly what you could get by securing a nice apartment in one of the high rises that form a large part of real estate in Surfers Paradise. Welcome home, Mr Hardy! 

Kim Kardashian

The television star and entrepreneur has carved her own path throughout life, and we think she would love the glamour that comes with the top tier of real estate in Surfers Paradise. In fact, she's going to be here quite soon! Although not quite in the flesh. 

Australian architect Liam Young is presenting his vision for the future of the Gold Coast in a seminar coming to our region, entitled 2970° The Boiling Point. It is a multimedia experience that will be co-presented by a fictional Kim Kardashian, breaking down what the future of development here might be.

It got us thinking – perhaps the real thing might like a top floor apartment overlooking Surfers Paradise? It could be a fantastic holiday destination for her, husband Kanye West and child North. 

People of all ages find what they want here, not just the rich and famous. But imagine securing Surfers Paradise property and finding out you lived next door to one of these celebrities? To work out where you could find a fantastic home or apartment, get in touch with us today. 

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