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3 benefits of Gold Coast property management

By Andrew Bell

Handing over the management of your property takes a load off your shoulders. Not only do you save yourself a considerable amount of time and effort, Gold Coast property management teams are experts in all aspects of looking after your tenants.

1) Help with finding tenants

Any period of time your property is vacant puts a dent in your rental income. Property managers know where to advertise to attract a high number of quality tenants – casting the net much wider than would be possible on your own.

Not only will your property management team be able to help you find tenants, but they'll also have watertight processes in place for making sure they're reliable. They know how to carry out all the right checks and have important conversations before signing the lease, so you can be assured you have the best possible tenants.

2) Reliable contractors on call

Property managers spend all day every day dealing with all things related to rentals. It's not surprising that they build great relationships with a number of people who can help keep your property in good condition, including in an emergency. Putting a property manager in charge means you won't have to ditch your other commitments to get a maintenance issue sorted, or trawl through Google to find the best person for the job.

They'll have a raft of contractors they know they can rely on, as well as contact details for companies who'll work out of normal trading hours. Routing your property maintenance through a professional company may also result in lower costs, as your manager will know an acceptable quote when they see one.

3) Less hassle for you

While some leases run without a hitch, others require a significant time investment on the part of the landlord. Having a property management company at the helm means you can sit back and let them answer calls and deal with any issues that arise. They'll manage routine tasks like collecting and checking rent payments, as well as scheduling and carrying out property inspections.

If bigger problems arise, like plumbing or heating breakdowns, they'll jump on the phone and get it sorted before you're even aware of it, liaising with both contractors and tenants to get the issue resolved.

Perhaps even more valuable, is that they understand property law and are there to help you resolve any tenant disputes. They'll have thorough records of payments exchanged, as well as communications about the property, in a system much more advanced than even your best spreadsheet.

For more information about how you could benefit from our property management services, get in touch with the team at Ray White Surfers Paradise today.

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