Tyler Dickson


It’s hard to separate real estate agents as many have the same promises, the same methods, the same story. But not every real estate transaction should be treated the same. For most people, entering into a sale or a purchase is dealing with your biggest asset, and each one should be treated as such.

Sellers and buyers want to deal with someone who stands out, and can make their property stand out & I absolutely love being that person.

I’ve been in property sales for 4 amazing years, I got into the line of work because having people trust you to help them with such a big stage in their lives is immensely rewarding, as well as being such a fun, fast paced lifestyle.

Before that, I worked on luxury cruise liners, traveling the world working in sales. It was an extremely demanding role, but it taught me how to relate with people from all walks of life and importantly, how to deliver world-class customer service.

Experience and knowledge are invaluable, but beyond that I offer ambition, drive, exceptional communication skills and a work ethic to consistently deliver results that are beyond what has been asked of me.

A great agent delivers a great experience and can make a difference of tens of thousands of dollars, choose them wisely.