Ray White Marine

Ray White Marine Real Estate

Whether you’re selling or buying a boat, need marine concierge services or help with marine finances, give Ray White Marine a call.

Living life out on the ocean is something many of you have no doubt aspired to, but with the Ray White Marine team on your side, these dreams can become a reality.

Our extensive experience of this sector means we can help with a wide range of issues. We can help you buy and sell boats, as well as refer you to other trusted businesses for marine insurance or marine concierge services.

Buying a new vessel or mooring is quite a unique experience, so it’s essential to have someone who can guide you through the process.

Ray White Marine offers a service like no other and could be just what you need to get your new investment off the ground.

What sets Ray White Marine apart from the competition?

You might be asking yourself why Ray White Marine is the perfect option for your needs. We are one of the biggest real estate businesses in the country, so that means we can use resources that are inaccessible to other companies.

We have two offices – one based at Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast and the other at Sydney Boathouse – both of which are perfectly placed to meet your every need.

Not only this, we have various franchised marine outlets across the country so you should never find it too difficult to get in touch and meet us for yourselves.

Providing you with a top quality service 

Ray White Marine doesn’t believe in settling for second best, so when you enlist our help, you know you’ll get the best service available.

If you’re buying or selling a vessel or are interested in securing a new berth or mooring, we’re always on hand to point you in the right direction. 

Ray White Marine is able to offer sales through private treaty, auction and expression of interest, so why not come down and see what we have to offer? 

Marine services you can trust

Here at Ray White Marine, we believe in providing you with a comprehensive service, which is why you can always trust us to deal with your every need. 

We are always on hand to discuss your marine finances, or if you’ve recently purchased a vessel and want to know more about marine insurance, we’ll make this happen.

You might even benefit from one of our partners who provides marine concierge services – just get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to discuss what options are available to you.