Should You Allow Pets Into Your Surfers Paradise Rental Properties?

By Andrew Bell

Owners of rentals in Surfers Paradise have no doubt been asked a wide range of questions about their property by potential tenants. There are a number of rules to establish before taking the plunge and renting your property out to someone.

One of the most commonly asked questions surrounding rental properties in Australia is whether to allow pets at the home. This could be something to give considerable thought to for various reasons.

For one, those who take responsibility for another living creature are often reliable, which means they should be able to make their rental payments on time.

It can also be incredibly difficult for those with animals to find suitable accommodation.

Therefore, if you offer your property to an animal lover, chances are they will stay in the home for an extended period of time – rather than take a risk and try to find another rental later down the road.

Furthermore, it's possible to establish rules with the tenant in their tenancy agreement due to the inherent risks of having an animal roaming free within your property. Of course, there are legal limitations, so it could be worth investigating before making any large commitments to yourself or your tenants.

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