How to avoid a cat-astrophe​

Here on the Gold Coast, we have a fantastic range of entertainment centred around flora and fauna. From the more central tourist attractions like the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Sea World to the Nerang National Park, there are amenities and wildlife sanctuaries to satisfy people of all ages. However, there can be threats to local wildlife that need to be mitigated – like cats. 

In a 29 April media release from the City of Gold Coast, community and cultural development chair Bob La Castra said that responsible owners of cats needed to make sure they stayed in enclosed spaces to protect the natural environment. 

"We know each unrestrained pet cat kills an average of 32 native animals a year, so we need cat owners to keep this in mind, and help us protect our biodiversity," he stated. 

"Cats don't have to roam outdoors to be happy. In fact, a cat that is secured, whether it be in the home, within a cat proof fence or an enclosure, will usually live longer than if allowed to roam free."

While we are sure your feline friend isn't about to go on a rampage and severely damage the native flora and fauna of the Gold Coast, it is something to keep in mind if you have real estate in Surfers Paradise. So how can you go about keeping your property secure for your cat? 

No train, no gain

Echoing the statements of Mr La Castra, the City of Geelong states that cats can actually live longer and healthier lives if they stay indoors at night, or even at all times. One way the council recommends moving to this system is through a systematic training of your cat, particularly around feeding times.

By skipping a morning meal for your feline and then feeding it at night before the sun goes down, your pet can learn to come inside before dusk, thus giving it a nightlife within the confines of your property. Make sure your windows and doors stay closed so it doesn't leave the home, and learns to stay indoors during the evening.

Create an engaging environment indoors

While we can never say enough fantastic things about the outdoors on the Gold Coast, it might not be a good idea to let your cat know about this! Part of training a cat to stay indoors is creating an engaging and entertaining environment for them within your four walls. 

This can come in many forms – you can ensure there are great perches beside windows so they can get a taste of the outdoors, or perhaps even make a very secure outdoor enclosure on your property that the cat can play in. Potting plants and having toys or scratching posts indoors will also keep your cat entertained at home.

And we are sure this goes without saying, but make sure to play with your feline friend! They will love the attention and want to be around the house all the time. 

Think outside the box

Certain games can be a great way of keeping your cat entertained in Main Beach real estate. Scattering food around a room for it to seek out and find is like a treasure hunt that it will love, and make sure to have enough vertical space for your cat to climb around – involve your furniture and create an obstacle course! 

This can also have wider benefits for your pet as well as the environment. "Apart from reducing the risk of becoming lost or impounded, indoor cats have much less chance of being injured or killed in a road accident, fight or dog attack," said Mr La Castra of the indoor feline lifestyle.

If you own real estate in Surfers Paradise and want a cat, it's a good idea to make sure it's ready for the indoor lifestyle!