Could purchasing property in winter help you achieve your real estate goals?

By Andrew Bell

Purchasing Surfers Paradise property in the winter months could be doing buyers a huge favour. The general rule of thumb is to avoid purchasing real estate in the cooler months due to a perceived downturn in the market. However, pursuing this could help you to secure the property of your dreams. 

Often, there are just as many houses on the market during the winter months as any other time of the year. But because of the lack of buyer interest, they're often ripe for the picking. 

Therefore, if you're looking into real estate in Surfers Paradise, the coming months could be perfect for helping you achieve your property goals. 

For example, the lack of competition can lead to circumstances that allow you to haggle the price – potentially saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.  

Furthermore, if the seller is planning on having an auction, removing the major stress of worrying about the massive numbers of other buyers can afford you the luxury of taking your time and really giving consideration towards the overall situation. 

This could be perfect for those hoping to purchase rentals in Surfers Paradise as investment property in the coming months ahead of the impending population boom. 

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