5 property trends you could create in your Gold Coast home

When you're looking for a new home, it might be at the front of your mind to renovate, or at least design some aspects differently. Particularly with real estate in Surfers Paradise and in the wider Gold Coast region, there are some major lifestyle differences that a cleverly designed house will allow, especially in the tropical Queensland weather.

Below is a list of five of the top trends in interior design that we think could inspire you to buy your very own Gold Coast property and create the lifestyle of your dreams:

1) Louvre doors in your bedroom

When you live in a house by the beach, there are a few little luxuries that you can get away with – having a fresh ocean breeze flowing around your bedroom at any time of the day or night is one of them.

If the sound of crashing waves puts you at ease, then louvre doors are for you. Slats in the frame can open to let a breeze in while still being securely closed. Not only does it help to combat the occasional night heats found around the Sunshine State, but it also adds a great aesthetic to a room. If you end up loving the style, you can move add it to other rooms in your home as well.

2) A modern four-poster bed

For those that are worried about leaving the windows and doors open around your bedroom because of bugs, a four-poster bed is the solution. Four-poster beds have come a long way since the middle ages, and now a fresh white colour scheme will give a welcome boost to any bedroom.

How will this help you to combat the bugs? Well, by draping some white material around your bed, you will not only allow yourself some much-needed privacy, but bugs won't be able to get further than the barrier and you can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.

3) Free-standing bath

After your bedroom (and those of your loved ones), the bathroom is arguably the next-most important part of the entire house. How can you make it more peaceful?

If you buy with this idea in mind, then you'll be looking for a bathroom with a lot of free floor space, or even one with a bath that can be removed. A free-standing bath is a very modern and stylish addition to a bathroom, and while it can be a nice statement piece, it will also give you space to really relax and put your feet up after those long days at the beach in the hot summer sun. What a life.

4) Kitchen island for your 'island' retreat

Living on the Gold Coast can often feel like one big holiday. You'll still most likely have to go to work, but living so close to all of the incredible beaches that the region offers is an experience you're unlikely to find anywhere else.

For your permanent holiday home, you're going to be wanting a space to socialise and pop a few nice bottles of wine with your friends and family. A modern way to achieve this is to have an open kitchen with an island. From the island that opens out onto a wide living or dining area, you can prepare your lavish meals while still chatting with neighbours and whoever else is in the area that you want to impress with your culinary skills. Buying a house with a large kitchen area is a great place to start.

5) Blue and white – the beach trend

A great colour scheme for your whole house is this – blue and white.

Easy to find for a start, decorations, cushions and furniture that match this trend are available basically everywhere, and will liven up any living area. Clean and fresh, the blues and whites won't date quickly and it really fits in with the beach lifestyle of your Gold Coast home.

Found some inspiration? Talk to the experts at Ray White Surfers Paradise to see how they can help you into your dream home.