A quick guide to working out how much you should pay at auction

At the end of the day Gold Coast property is worth whatever people will pay for it at auction. However, to make sure you don't lose money when you sell years down the track, it's worth doing your research and using tried and true methods to work out a rough indicative value to go by. This number will be incredibly useful when setting an upper limit for your … read on

New REIV data is great news for Gold Coast tenants and landlords

The Gold Coast residential property market is showing positive signs. New data shows that vacancy rates moved into the healthy range for the first time in several years. This is from a January 30 media release in which Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) CEO Antonia Mercorella commented on what the change meant for owners:"The data has shown that supply and … read on

5 easy tips for reducing auction stress

Buying a home at auction can be a stressful experience. The auctioneers voice booms in your ears competing with shouts from bidders and all the while you're wondering if you're going to walk out of the room empty handed. We know this stress better than most, and luckily we also know a few little tricks to help minimise it. After all, buying a home should be a … read on

Are Gold Coast investment property returns more than the average salary?

Us Australians are a hard working bunch. We make a fair bit of money for our troubles too - the average salary in our country is almost $80,000, according to OECD data. That's higher than the average income for New Zealand, the United Kingdom and USA.However, working for your money isn't always the best plan of attack. Making your money work for you requires less hours … read on

5 bizarre historic auction facts that you won’t believe

Here at Ray White Surfers Paradise we consider ourselves leading specialists when it comes to selling property at auction. The recent results of the Event, Australia's real estate occasion of the year, prove this.Over 2,000 people attended, 333 bidders registered and 54 properties were sold on the day - plus the total sales volume exceeded $40million. In celebration of The … read on

What can we expect from Gold Coast property in 2017?

Surfers Paradise and Gold Coast residential property had a rather fantastic year in 2016. Price growth remained strong, construction commenced to near-boom levels and sentiment about the future of the market remained overwhelmingly positive. It's no wonder that industry analysts and commentators have identified the city as one of Australia's most exciting property … read on

Andrew Bell’s Market Update: The Event Results Are In

MARKET WRAP Issue 3   |   February 2nd, 2017  |  The Event Results Are In We have been talking about it for some weeks and I am now thrilled to be able to tell you the results. Over 2,000 people attended through the course of the day, resulting in 333 registered bidders, who bought 54 properties on auction day and with a further 11 which have now gone to … read on

What turns Queenslanders off real estate?

You get more bees with honey, the old saying goes. It's something which can apply to real estate on the Gold Coast as well. Making sure your property is set up with features and factors that buyers are interested may help attract more interest than a daunting, bare bones property.Think things like under-floor heating, air conditioning, or even pools and extra bedrooms if … read on

How to improve your tenant-landlord relationship

We all know it's hard to find good tenants, and even harder to keep them. According to MrCrindle Research, the average tenant only sticks around for 1.8 years. Considering 30 per cent of the population rent, that's a lot of people moving about year to year.Happy tenants are good tenants, and the happier they are the less likely they'll to look around … read on