Why some renters might stick around longer than others

Attention property managers: right now is a better time than ever to attract renters to your Gold Coast rental property. Why? Because 31 per cent of Australians chose to rent instead of buy their own home, reported a study conducted by CHOICE and National Shelter.Worldwide, owning your own home has always been a goal for rising adults, but it appears that goal may have … read on

Andrew Bell’s Market Update: Ever Dreamt Of Living On An Island?

  MARKET WRAP Issue 13   |   June 22nd, 2017  |  Ever Dreamt of Living on an Island? Couran Cove is situated on the magnificent South Stradbroke Island, adjoining the Gold Coast, and is fundamentally in a National Park. Set in beautiful lush, almost rainforest bushland setting, it is a very unique location in Australia. Couran Cove previously has operated … read on

How are the Commonwealth Games going to affect your neighborhood?

Everyone gets excited when a big event like the Commonwealth Games comes to town - that is until you realise all the extra commotion and traffic that is coming your way. The Gold Coast already sees its fair share of tourist activity, but the upcoming Games is really going to escalate the influx of people. As a result, the Coast is going to be changing traffic … read on

Andrew Bell’s Market Update: Surge In Population Growth

  MARKET WRAP Issue 12   |   June 8th, 2017  |  Surge In Population Growth Recently information has been released which adds to my discussion recently about the signs of a surge in population growth here on the Gold Coast, which of course is definitely feeding the Gold Coast property market. Before I go into more detail, I know from feedback how much people … read on

How much is light rail impacting Gold Coast real estate values?

The Gold Coast is blossoming. Between the upcoming Commonwealth Games, new cruise terminal plans and bustling CBD precincts, we're growing at a phenomenal rate. At the heart of all of this change is one of, we think, the best pieces of infrastructure in the region: Gold Coast light rail.Linking the breadth of the Gold Coast under one public transport network, the system … read on

Andrew Bell’s Market Update: The Budget 2017 Overview

  MARKET WRAP Issue 11   |   May 25th, 2017  |  The Budget 2017 Overview Can budget 2017 fix housing affordability? On the supply side there were, for the first time, incentives for downsizes, where proceeds from a seller’s family home can be contributed into their Superannuation Fund, but capped at $300,000. New rules apply to the National Affordable … read on

How much are you giving the government when you buy Gold Coast property?

Taxes - they've been called everything from evil to... a necessary evil. But how much of government revenue is made up by the taxes you pay when purchasing real estate?According to CoreLogic RP Data, nearly $50 billion. This comes from 8 May analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics data, and perhaps is why talk of stamp duty never seems to turn into legislation. But … read on

Andrew Bell’s Market Update: 2017 Interest Rate Forecast

  MARKET WRAP Issue 10   |   May 11th, 2017  |  2017 Interest Rate Forecast Interest rates were put on hold yet again last week, but there is increasing conversation about rising interest rates. I do not believe anyone thinks for a minute that official interest rates are likely to go any lower, and if they were to do so, it would be quite an alarming statement … read on