Matt Lanyon


When you first touch base with Matt, his energy and self belief will be some of his many characteristics that will empower you.

His earlier career to-date has traversed in a different pathway dominated by hands-on skills and customer service.

In his early youth Matt has memories of Real Estate playing a dominant role as it was the career that his father successfully enjoyed. It has confirmed his interest and influenced his consistently researching and buying his own property as well as acquiring a Queensland Real Estate Licence.

In following the expectations of success, Matt has grasped and utilised the core skills from training and natural talent. Some of these skills include:

l          Communication – interpersonal skills / respect / listening : understanding and

            responding to client’s needs

l          Being proactive – knowing your market, chasing new leads and keeping clients well informed using their method of communicating preferences

l          Being informed of customers’ time frames / selling motivation / compliance with confidentiality

l          Being social media savvy -  using updated software to analyze data and resources on devices at all times. Comparing trends and competitor activity.

On the personal side, Matt has advanced personal and work ethics. He believes in honesty and never embellishing facts. He is a people’s person and enjoys interaction and learning about issues that have a positive impact on internal and external team members. Clients will find him an extremely dependable and reliable Agent, Team members will value his support and his employer will expect and enjoy good results from him.

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